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Antonio Altamirano

Antonio Altamirano CEO/Founder

Antonio has built and managed engineering and product teams at Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups. Before Tangelo, he worked at Accenture, SearchRev (acquired by AKQA), Sun Microsystems and held executive roles at several technology startups in the Silicon Valley.

Rebecca Altamirano

Rebecca Altamirano Innovation/Founder

Rebecca graduated from Wellesley College and Stanford University and was a recipient of the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, a grant for independent study and research. She was a founding teacher at a charter school sponsored by Stanford University. Prior to Tangelo, Rebecca started two technology companies, one in the medical field and the other in the ad-tech field.

Leandro Henflen

Leandro Henflen VP of Design/Founder

Leandro is our resident design thinker and managing partner at Tangelo. He has over 11 years of experience working on web technologies and has managed several projects working for Human Rights Organizations, Government agencies and retail companies.

Pablo Gamba

Pablo Gamba Chief Technology Officer/Founder

Pablo brings extensive experience building technology for several industries. He specializes in software architecture, incipient technologies and scalability. He is a member the of student's dissertation committee at the Software Engineering School in FASTA University.

Pablo Perez

Pablo Perez III Vice President / Growth

Pablo’s experience spans over 10 years in start-ups, investment banking, management consulting, & business development. Pablo has worked at Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Division, and Tiburon Strategic Advisors. He has also founded/advised such start-ups as Drink Me Magazine (sold to private investor), Kibin.Com (funded by 500 Start-Ups), and most recently LAM Network.

Carolina Altamirano

Carolina Altamirano Data Scientist

Carolina is our resident scientist. As a conservation biologist, she conducted botanical research in the Amazon Jungle for local governments, universities and the European Union. Carolina has brought to Tangelo the rigor of scientific research and data analysis to perform in-depth user experience and product validation analysis.

Facundo Santana

Facundo Santana Lead Designer

Facundo is a UI/UX designer and front-end developer who brings extensive experience working on web technologies for several companies and start-ups from around the globe. Entrepreneur by nature and travel lover, he also founded a company that serves IT technologies to travel agencies and travel portals.

Germán Avellaneda

Germán Avellaneda UI Designer

German is a UI designer and illustrator with nearly 20 years of experience working with startups and large corporations. He studied Visual Arts and Industrial Design which gave him a strong academic foundation that is now combined with decades of industry experience. An avid artist and music lover German sings, plays the guitar and composes music with his own band, AETEREA.

Matias Velilla

Matías Velilla VP engineering

Matías develops cloud-based applications and front-end logic for our clients. He always keeps a focused and with straight·forward attitude to solve problems and approach new challenges.

Juan Manuel Hidalgo

Juan Manuel Hidalgo Sr. Full Stack & Android Developer

Juan is a geek by nature, Linux evangelizer by choice, and a passionate software developer. He has dedicated the last 15 years to experiment on PHP, Pyhton, Javascript, Android, AngularJs (Javascript), Perl, C and more. His outstanding commitment, interest and dedication to his work result in real tech works of art.

Guillermo Baigorria

Guillermo Baigorria Sr Full Stack & iOS Developer

Guillermo is a passionate full stack engineer who has worked in projects from every corner of the software development landscape (from games to the security industry, from mobile devices to web servers). He loves to explore new technologies and believes that a combination of simplicity, excellence and team work is the cornerstone to deliver high quality software.

Hernan Bruno

Hernán Bruno Sr. Full Stack & iOS Developer

Hernán is a full stack engineer. He has experience developing back and front-end applications, responsive websites and native iOS and Android apps. Hernan is a pioneer in implementing agile methodologies for remote teams. His responsibilities range from optimizing specific issues to managing offshore teams.

Damian DAndrea

Damián D'Andrea Sr. iOS Developer

Damián is our senior software developer in charge of key mobile iOS projects. He has over 14 years of experience managing software projects from product definition all the way to a deployed version. His skills makes him a key player in our team, deliverying good quality and a quote of tranquility to rocking world.

Julián Chierichetti

Julián Chierichetti Sr. Mobile Developer

Julian is our lead Android developer. Natural entrepreneur and problem solver with many years of experience in the field, has worked with various startups and large corporations across the globe. Passionate, ambitious and focused, he is an evangelist of the quality on every project. His goal in life is to become a Jedi coder to travel the world. He has the power to transform coffee into code.

  • The White House Hispanic Initiative

    The White House Hispanic Initiative

    Several of our team members supported the White House in its pioneering work in 2012 in engaging and empowering Hispanic leaders through the use of interactive online and offline forums. In Silicon Valley -- the venue for one of two dozen local meetings throughout the US -- we brought together a cross-section of technology, business, and academic leaders to advise The White House Hispanic Initiative on new models for designing and implementing multicultural engagement.


    Facilitate the evolution of its brand portfolio to serve the needs of its customers.

    Several team members worked with a number of divisions in the global Coca-Cola portfolio to facilitate the evolution of its brand portfolio to serve the needs of its customers in the US, EU and other territories. Our recent work for the company has inspired us to commit to the "future of food" as a strategic area of focus, paving the way to engagement with some of the world's most innovative technology start-ups in farming tech, food science, and product innovation in the beverages industry.

  • AARP

    Development of playbook on how to design meaningful online and offline experiences.

    For the AARP's Life Reimagined -- a strategic initiative aimed at enabling the iconic NGO to serve the evolving needs of a wide range of adults undergoing personal and professional transformation -- we led a number of programs including the development of playbook on how to design meaningful online and offline experiences. Since then, we have developed a framework for designing experiences for other organizations -- government agencies, NGOs, businesses -- based on the emerging science of "social design."

  • Renucell Restorative Healing Cream

    UI/UX Design & Development, Marketing Strategy.

    Renucell is a new skin care product that came to us with the challenge to boost its online sales. We have build and tested numerous A/B landing pages to find the interests of their audience. Based on these results, we designed their new website using light backgrounds for a relaxed and enhanced readability. We are now executing community activation and PR projects to boost the brand awareness across the Internet.

  • Brand Identity Design, Ui/UX Design & Development, Mobile first, CMS

    Brand redesign, UI/UX Design & Development, Website responsive: Mobile First, CMS.

    LatinLife is a lifestyle media company focused on English-speaking Latinos in the U.S. We revamped their branding. We then applied their new look and feel in a responsive website with improved performance: fast-loading, “magazine-styled” layout, and a solid CMS to add news and events.

  • Michael Slattery

    Brand redesign, UI/UX Design & Development, Responsive website.

    Michael Slattery is a New York opera singer who needed a redesign of his professional online presence to set himself up for the next 10 years. We loved that he was very involved in the creative process and therefore his ideas and suggestions are reflected in the final product, a fast-loading responsive website with a unique style focused on readability and content, with strong audio support.

  • Brand Identity Design & Logo Construction

    API, mobile website, cloud-based infrastructure, iOS App.

    Interesante.com is the place where you can discover and share the most interesting things in the world. We developed Interesante's mobile and desktop websites and a native iOS application. This platform works in English and Spanish, is geo-aware, and features recommendation algorithms. We launched Interesante in only 3 months and we continue to support its growth by debugging the code and adding new features periodically.

  • Intuit Paycheck calculator

    Paycheck Calculator Widget for Small Businesses

    Intuit develops financial and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses. They have been our client for several years. The latest project we did for them was the paycheck calculator widget and landing page which is one of the most visited within the their website. The widget crunch the numbers you provide and show you how much to pay your employees and the amount to deduct for taxes with the most up-to-date tax tables.

  • Web Design and Development, Web Content Management System and Search Engine Optimization

    Custom apps, CMS, SEO.

    PADNOS is a recycling company that has been our client since our inception. We've designed new internet products and services for them, including a custom CMS for a network of several websites that needed to be managed efficiently. We manage their web presence and had helped them become one of the most well known recycling brands across the Midwest by using the Internet as a branding and lead generation channel. Our efforts have yielded some of the largest clients for PADNOS.

  • Logo Design, Website Design and Development

    Recommendation Algorithms, Scalable Backend, Branding, UX, UI.

    Proverb.io It is a place to discover, collect and share your favorite quotes with your friends and in your social networks. You can either share inspirational quotes and even author your own. We developed the recommendation algorithms based on natural language processing, personal interests and language.

  • 2013 — OneCord Logo Design, Landing Page Design and Development

    Cloud-based app, API, communication middleware and iPhone app.

    OneCord is a personal emergency communication network that is fast, reliable and always on. It was founded by a recognized OB/GYN Doctor from the Bay Area and a entrepreneur mother. We have been a key partner in the conception of the idea and in the development of the hardware and software for this company.

  • Kapture Audio-recording Wristband Device

    Cloud-based infrastructure, scalable backend optimized for audio, iPhone app and API.

    Kapture is an audio-recording wristband that allows you to save and share what was just said. We are working directly with the founders of this innovative company to build their software infrastructure that supports the hardware capabilities.

  • Gabi Holzwarth Violin

    UI/UX Design & Development, website responsive: Mobile First, CMS.

    Gabi is referred to as "The Violin Girl" in the Silicon Valley and has performed in tech companies like Google, NetApp, Synopsys, LinkedIn, BitTorrent, GigaOm, and Uber. We designed and developed her website to be mobile and desktop friendly, and most important to be able to smoothly support video. We also used our custom CMS to allow her to add content it in a efficient and intuitive way.

  • YogaSource, best Yoga in Palo Alto

    Brand redesign, UI/UX Design & Development, Website responsive: Mobile First, CMS.

    YogaSource is the best Yoga Studio in the Silicon Valley, but needed a new fresh image for their digital presence. We created a new and clean website, whose content is fully manageable through a CMS. This website is also compatible with the industry's most used APIs.


We enable clients to reimagine, rebrand, and rearchitect themselves for rapid customer engagement and acquisition.

  • Customer and influencer research
  • Positioning/repositioning
  • ​Community design and development
  • Influencer engagement and media relations
  • Marketing technology advisory services


Our development and design teams combine technology and art to develop high quality software products.

  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Interaction Design (IxD)
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Applications
  • Interactive Prototypes
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

Growth Strategies

We provide our clients a comprehensive set of services for accelerating growth in global markets.

  • Growth Marketing Execution
  • User Acquisition Strategy
  • Monetization Strategy
  • Strategic Partner Ecosystem Development
  • M&A Research & Facilitation

The Startup House

We bring your team to Buenos Aires, Argentina or the Silicon Valley for two intense weeks of work with our team. By the end, you will have a working prototype. This is a process that can actually keep your costs down while maintaining the highest standards of quality and creative design. And of course it is so much fun!

Jan-Feb-March 2014

Finding Something Interesante In Silicon Valley

Antonio Altamirano is one of those 21st century tech-savvy visionaries who sees what others don’t see. In this case, it is a market that has high potential in the technology field, but has been among the least tapped into: the Hispanic community.


Latino Startup Wins National Dream Big America Competition

Interesante.com a Latino Founded and Focused Company competed in the Finals Round of January 2014 and was Named Dream Big Champion.


12 Latin American Startups To Look Out For In 2014

Interesante has been building a strong brand with a distinctive design and an engaged community of users within a growing and untapped demographic group that companies are increasingly keen to serve.


Kiip Partners With Interesante To Deliver Mobile Rewards In Spanish

Because Hispanics are one of the most engaged demographics on smartphone devices today, we now have the perfect opportunity to reach Spanish-speaking users with the right reward, at the right moment, and in the right language (through Interesante).


Discover And Share The Best Web Contents!

Interesante is the kind of project with the right ingredients to become a success.


An Online Community With Latino Flavor

Interesante.com presents an intelligent marketing model for small and medium businesses.


YouTube Developers Live: Interesante

Interesante integrated the Topics API to determine the Freebase topic of videos being shared. Interesante used this to serve interest-based video recommendations.


Interesante, A Great Example On How To Launch Your Startup

Interesante was born from the need to connect the latino community through their interests and culture.


¡Muy Interesante! A New Spanish-language Online Community

If embraced by small merchants in Latin America and Latinos living in the U.S. and beyond, I can see a good thing happening.


Interesante: Can Shopping Help Power Latino Diasporas?

Interesante gives small businesses the opportunity to post their entire product catalogs in an environment that's vibrant, fun, and best of all, social (allowing for many more chance opportunities for peer-to-peer recommendations).


Virtual Shop Front For The Latino Community

Interesante.com is the place here the Latino Community around the world can find and share their interests. Interesante has information about travel, fashion, entertainment, technology and all those things that are relevant for the Hispanic Community.

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